Andrew and Christine Auten met in 1992 on the set of a never-released independent movie. Over their years together, they have developed many projects and businesses focused on everything from graphic and web design, theater and performance art, and commercial and fine art to film, audio and TV production, voice-acting and dubbing, and event production and consultation.

The United Projects Alliance, LLC was created in early 2020 to bring all of these projects under one brand.


Andrew Auten Arts is the portfolio and retail home of artworks by Andrew Auten. These art projects consist of various fine-art painting modes, but they also include mini-comic books, videos, collages, buttons, screen prints, and photography.

Visit to discover more art projects by Andrew Auten.

Originally, The United Projects Alliance managed its photography through Story And Picture.  As Story And Picture grew it became apparent that it was somehow neither broad enough nor specific enough.  So now All of The UPA's photographic work is administered though AA Photo.

Visit for more information, sales and commissioned work.

Andrew Auten Drawing was created to showcase the thousands of small drawings and sketchbook pages Andrew has made over the years.

To dive into the pile, visit when you have an hour or two to spare.

Part poem, part collage, part meme, a "poememe" is a unique creation intended to trigger a feeling or emotion. A poememe is a brief meditation on the experience of imagination.  Although poememes is primarily  an online experience, a poememe book, "The Constant Of Light" was published in 2014. 

The United Projects Alliance, LLC is currently working with several print shops to produce a new edition that is both affordable and of sufficient quality. Until we can put the book back in production, the entire body of work is available for free at and on Instagram.

With several thousand images already produced, fotomemes is probably the largest project for The UPA, at least in terms of numbers. In the past, the completed fotomemes were sold mostly in the form of greeting cards and some framed (or frame-ready) work.   For now, however, no fotomemes are for sale. 

They are still being produced and can be seen at and on our Instagram.

deprivation was started in 1988 but found an online home in 1998 at Broadly speaking, deprivation is a multi-media approach to explaining and understanding the work of Dr. Charles Foster of Wellington, Ohio. We have very little first-hand knowledge of Foster’s pioneering and controversial work. Using recent research, our best available historic record and a lot of speculation, deprivation illustrates and explores Dr. Foster’s legacy through the techniques and materials of art to help bridge the past, present and future. This project is an unusual and welcome addition to The United Projects Alliance, LLC. 

Some of the art is in the form of posters, mini-comics, screen-prints, collage and videos. Unfortunately, this body work is not yet explicitly endorsed or supported by Foster’s estate and heirs, but on the other hand, fortunately, the work currently remains unopposed and unimpeded for now.  Therefore the art itself is owned and copyrighted United Projects Alliance, LLC.


Story & Picture was originally a simple travel and photography blog created in 2017 to share stories and images collected during a years-long RV trip throughout North America. Since its inception, however, the scope and nature of the project has changed. We are in the process of developing a new website and IG channel to share this new vision.

You can see the old S&P site here at

You've heard this one before?
You may not know Christine Auten but you've probably heard her voice on one of her hundreds of TV episodes or numerous corporate projects.  In 2020, Christine moved her voice and audio production talents to The United Projects Alliance, LLC. 

To see a partial list of her credits, have a look at her IMDB page. For more info visit

The United Projects Alliance, LLC  founders, Andrew and Christine Auten have extensive backgrounds in film, tv and theater production dating all the way back to 1979!  Our new production entity, Europa Engine, was created to help manage and brand video productions for The UPA.

The United Projects Alliance